First of all,  we do a survey of land of farmers than we get the valuation of land according to bank and Government of India. According to land valuation, we inform farmers about government and non-Government subsidy and non-subsidy schemes. We inform farmers about their per month income of per crop, vegetable, and flower.

We charge 25% of payment in advance from farmer plus  25% payment we take on per month installment rest  50% payment will be provided by the Government of India. We provide some plants at 25% payment only on per month installment. Until their crop has ready we take care of their plants and provide them our best services. We purchase their prepare Crop, Vegetable, and plant as well.

We take care of crop until the plant starts to produce flowers and vegetables, then we purchase their crop as well. We will be responsible for first grown of crop, in this duration we will give training to the client how to grow their crop. The client will be responsible for growing the second term of the crop on land.

After preparing of crop in first, if then there would be found any type of lacking than we will fix that problem.

After preparing of crop we will purchase the crop of the farmer at the price of the current market rate.

We give services according to the age of the plant. At the beginning of the first term of the crop, the fertilizers will be provided by the company. In preparing the crop for second term farmer have to buy fertilizers by themselves.

For farming of land, the farmer has to ready their land by themselves. The client has to arrange food and shelter for the workers who will work on the land. The client will be responsible for the water supply, electricity, boundary, and safety.  The farmer needs to pay the full loan amount to the company at the time of sending prepared crop to market during the first term.