Leave the hassles of Polyhouse Installation to us – a trusted Service Provider in Jaspur, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand. We are known to provide first-rate Polyhouse Installation service and we deliver the promise by living up to the expectations. The irrigation system is taken well care of by installing drip irrigation lines including fogger, filters and valves to guarantee proper Polyhouse Installation. We attempt to attain proper ventilation in Polyhouse Installation by setting up a roll-up vent right at the top and curtains on the four sides that can be opened mutually. The unmatched service by us will leave you with no complaints.

Specification: Polyhouse Size its minimum Polyhouse size is 2500 Sq Mtr.

Work Scope :

  • Assembly of poly house structure
  • Supply of Drip Irrigation System and fogger inside the poly house

Schedule of Payment :

60% Amount for Structure Foundation, Amount of the after loan, This amount for purchasing material(G.I Pipe, Profile, Spring, Clumps and nut bolts) and advance for labour for fixing and assembling G.I structure.

40% Amount for purchasing of poly film, shade net, insect net, irrigation structure work (Drip, Fogger with fitting etc. & included labour). Amount after fixation of Poly film and Nets and before installation of Irrigation System.

Project Details
S. No. Project Name Area per sq. meter Price per sq. meter Subsidy 50 % of Price Per Sq. Meter i.e
     1 Fan pad system 500 to 8000 sq. meter 1460/- 730/-
     2 Natural ventilation system 500 sq. meter 1060/- 530/-
Upto 500 to 1008 sq. meter 935/- 467.5/-
Upto 1008 to 2080 sq. meter 890/- 445/-
Upto 2080 to 8000 sq. meter 844/- 422/-
     3 Shade Net 500 to 8000 sq. meter 710/- 355/-
     4 Gerbera and carnation 500 to 8000 sq. meter 610/- 305/-
     5 Rose 500 to 8000 sq. meter 426/- 213/-
      6 Vegitables 500 to 8000 sq. meter 140/- 70/-